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Dan & Kyle: A Modern Chicago Wedding

Dan & Kyle

April is a toss up month for weather in the midwest. Sometimes the emergence of warmth and greenery invigorate the city, on other years, a bitter winter clings to every last weekend with a spiteful chill. Dan and Kyle’s wedding was sandwiched between two 68 degree and sunny days. Saturday, however, was swept by a snowstorm with snowflakes the size of quarters falling in unrelenting sheets all day.

The striking thing about this wedding is what that weather did to the people getting married. The light from all the snow brightened every nook and cranny of the city. Dan and Kyle looked out and commented on how peaceful and romantic the weather was. Their attitude permeated the wedding. Everyone saw this unexpected snow storm, and smiled at it’s beauty: this was the perfect day.

Dan and Kyle have a very modern style. The neutral aesthetic was cut with a dramatic red highlight, throughout the wedding. The envelopes that they addressed to each other were red. The ribbon that tied the shoe box was red, the invitations had subtle red lines, the bottom of Kyle and her mother’s shoes were red, the random photo location we picked had a red door and the unmistakable logo of Ovation was red. Some of these things planned, some fell perfectly into place; just like the snow.

It’s hard to find people like this, with the connection they had. It’s a powerful embrace with a playful side. I hope these photos & video convey that.


Photography & Videography: Tinky Media

Hotel: The Robey

Venue: Ovation

Planning: Chaundre

DJ: Style Matters

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