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“Ashley and Brian have a rare gift. Throughout our wedding day, we remember there were moments, smiles, or an energy we wished we could bottle up forever - things we never wanted to lose that made our day so perfect. Purely by intuition and without any indication from us, Ashley and Brian were able to capture each of those moments and weave them together to perfectly tell the story of our wedding day. 


They work together seamlessly, each having an eye for something that compliments the other. They brought a calming, yet energizing presence–soothing nerves where needed and focus when distractions crept in. With the two of them behind the camera, we were able to relax and be completely in the moment. Some of our favorite moments of the day came from the two of them suggesting we take a minute to just be together, assuring us we had the time. 


And when it snows on your late April wedding day, know that they can turn what could be miserable into something that is truly magical.”


    -Dan and Kyle 


“Ashley and Brian, I just finished looking at Dan and Kyle's wedding pictures and watching the video (twice). There are no words. I was so thrilled you were the ones capturing our memories but what you have put together... It fills my heart with joy and love. You captured Dan and Kyle and the spirit of the day beautifully, making me laugh and making me cry. You two are very talented and I am in awe of what you have created. You will always have a special place in my heart, mostly because of who you are but also because of the gift you have given us.”


    -Tamra Kappler

        (Mother of Bride)




“Ashley & Brian are extraordinary. As a team, they've mastered the art of getting you comfortable enough to be your most honest and vulnerable self, while bringing a creative vision and technical expertise to capture those moments in a way that words can't describe. We've watched our highlight video at least 1,000 times, and the pure joy it brings us each time is absolutely priceless. Hire them or you'll regret it each and every day for the rest of your life.”

    -Maxx and Theresa 




“Ashley and Brian are the best out there. Our wedding video could not have turned out better. I'm so impressed with Ashley's talent - she is truly an artist. She captured every moment of the day and created it into something extraordinary! On top of that - it's easy to love Ashley and by the end of your wedding, she's guaranteed to be your friend. Ashley and Brian were so professional and easy to work with on the wedding day as well. If you go with TinkyMedia, you will not be sorry!”


    -Victoria & Tom




“Ashley & Brian were SO awesome to work with! My wedding was in Chicago on August 26, 2017, and my husband and I absolutely loved working with them. They did such a wonderful job capturing the most candid, lovely moments of us as a couple, our wedding party, our families and our guests. They have such a unique, artistic eye when it comes to cinematography. They took direction when they wanted us to walk or pose a certain way. Our video turned out flawless! I've watched our trailer like 5000x already (We received our 5-minute trailer 2 weeks after our wedding!!). We really connected with them and felt like they were part of our family!Their art is timeless and we were extremely grateful for their dedication and work. I would highly recommend them for a wedding!Ashley & Brian -- Thank you for taking the time to spend your day with us. We appreciated everything that you had captured and we are looking forward to all your future endeavors! You both have such a great connection with each other, your clients and your art. Please continue to do such great work! We wish you both the best!”


    -Eric & Camille




“Saying my husband and I loved Tinky Media and Ashley's work is a huge understatement. Ashley was such a blessing to work with from the preparation leading up to the wedding to the actual wedding day and everything in between. We were hesitant to get a videographer in the early stages of wedding planning (as the budget was getting tight), but ultimately decided it would be something we'd regret and we couldn't be happier with the choice of moving forward with Tinky Media. Not only is Ashley very professional and extremely talented at her job, but she truly cares about her clients, what's important to them and what their expectations are (while making the day so fun, comfortable and making you laugh the entire time). She is the kind of person you just want to be around... Who wouldn't want that in a vendor?! I knew Ashley on a personal level before working with her and this only made me more proud of the person she is. She sought out what we really wanted in a wedding video, on the wedding day, what was important to us and what we wanted to look back and remember the most. Nothing too creative or different is outside of her limits.


I can honestly say that I've watched our highlight video way too many times and catch something new that tugs at my heart. She was able to capture both of our personalities, the fun, and sentimental side, who we are as a couple while adding in her own artistic touches that make it unique to us.

You'll never regret having those speeches, seeing those family and friends in one place, or even reminiscing on the little details that meant so much to you. A production by Ashley & Brian is the perfect way to take you back to that special moment while feeling those same emotions you did on that day. I don't think you can put a dollar value to that. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ashley and Brian, for capturing our best day ever and making us feel so loved and special. We are forever grateful!”


    -Anita & David 




“We were blessed to have Tinky Media be apart of our wedding day! Ashley was WONDERFUL to work with leading up to, on, and after the wedding day. They captured SO many great memories that allowed us to relive the day and that we will cherish forever. Ashley is so fun to work with and just an all-around beautiful person. We love Tinky Media and know you will too!"


    - Gabe and Jennie




“A MILLION thanks and hugs and kisses for Ashley Higuchi at Tinky Media. Truly, our wedding video took everyone's breath away and put tears in everyone's eyes. Ashley got to know us both individually and as a couple, and poured those characteristics and her observations into her video which was incredibly unique to us and our wedding. It honestly is the best video we've ever seen and my favorite: timeless. I can't thank you enough, Ashley, for everything you've done. Your positivity, light and consistent optimism throughout the day was memorable and so appreciated. We loved working with you and would do it again in a heartbeat. xo!"


    -Atusa & Tom 



"My husband and I feel very lucky to have had Ashley with us on our wedding day. She is such a personable and wonderful vendor to work with before, during and after the wedding. Her joy and love of her job is obvious and it shows in her work quality. She is timely and talented. Ashley captured and allowed for so many wonderful moments on our wedding day. The video is fantastic and Sean and I are sure that we will cherish this forever. Tinky Media is a wonderful company that will not let you down. Thank you, Ashley, for making our day so special and for helping us re-live the wedding over and over again."


    -Aggie & Sean 


Kind    Words

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